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Tara is an experienced, detail oriented corporate lawyer with excellent litigation and management skills and is a driven team leader.

Jill Collins is an inspirational speaker, aspiring author and life coach empowering personal reinvention through the power of connection.

Jac has long been recognized as one of the top elite trainers in the fitness industry.

Josh Payne is a Silicon Valley speaker, mentor, and 15-year financial industry leader. Specializing in investments, insurance, and mortgages

Alana Stott MBE is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to protecting others and solving problems.

Osita Oparaugo is a UK-trained Nigerian lawyer, serial entrepreneur and a resolute African spirit pushing for a new, tech-based Africa.

Amanda Cryer is a filmmaker, social impact entrepreneur, and influencer. She has mentored, coached, and worked with hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds and has been featured in LA Weekly, Yahoo Finance, Women In Business, Inc.

Ana Bozovic is the founder and CEO of Analytics Miami, where for the past decade she has been publishing long term trend analysis on real estate.

J. Paul Nadeau is a former police detective, hostage negotiator, and international peacekeeper. With over 30 years of experience in crime, terrorism, and human behavior, Paul's unique approach saved lives and brought criminals to justice.

Meet Sarah Godbout, or SG the woman behind SG My Life and co-founder of ICON™. She is an exceptional Confidence & Executive Coach who left the corporate world to establish her online coaching enterprise back in 2018.

Rene Godefroy’s journey started as a poor and diseased stricken boy in a tiny village in Haiti. He arrived in Miami, Florida with $5, two shirts, one pair of pants, and was unable to speak English.

Meet Ally Stone, Partner and Leader in a thriving hospitality group since 2005. With 15 successful businesses under her belt, Ally's "Inspired Leadership" model fosters connected workplaces and nurtures authentic leadership.

Paul L Gunn, Jr. has built a career around procurement, logistics, and supply chain. His impressive track record in this domain is evidenced by the firms he has owned and their flawless delivery performance records.

From Silk road to Silicon Valley Justine Pogroske is a maestro of marketing and branding on the global stage.

In all things Jesse Iwuji does, there are two constant elements: his devotion to service and his inspirational nature to many.

Migena Agaraj - a Global Focused Connector, Business Matchmaker, Founder & CEO of Eagles MA LLC, a Consulting Firm that's a powerhouse of Business Solutions.

Teddy created NuboTed, Ltd in 2022. He is a tech guy and serial entrepreneur. Teddy originated from France, where he supported more than 30 firms to migrate to Cloud Computing and to become data driven over the course of 10 years.

CEO & Director Brave Inspires Brave, Inspiring & Building Leaders of today and tomorrow.

Tej brings 20+ years of corporate banking and sales experience, helping companies to grow, scale, and exit. From his first job as an analyst on Wall Street to his current position as partner of the firm, Tej has mastered the dual role of Player-Coach

Ramona Rogers had over 22 + years of corporate C Suite experience in building businesses within a franchise chain and now is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and transformational coach.

Dr. Keith McNally is the host of The Question Guy Podcast and Coach’s Corner. He builds relationships with people of impact across the world to learn what works, what does not work, and how to empower people in all stages of life.

Pamela Bolado is an International Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author. She is Founder of Women Who Do Wonders Media where she spotlights the exceptional stories and businesses of global women.

George Ochieng is a celebrated global career coach and high-profile keynote speaker with media platforms on Trinity Broadcasting Network, USAGlobalTV/Radio, and Transworld World Radio and within Kenya.

Meet Shelley Simpson, a trailblazer who has made her mark as the Partner with Juiceplus+ and Tower Garden™, as well as the visionary behind ICON ~ Inner Compass ON™️. Her motto? "Dream Big – Take Action – Expect Success."

James Jefferson is a veteran police officer and a mental health and wellness coordinator with the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

Alexia Melocchi is a prolific Hollywood producer who has been instrumental in the greenlight process of Oscar winning films and box office hits.

Joseph Polanin is a disabled Navy combat Veteran who served three decades leading elite teams to succeed on complex missions in high-risk environments despite every obstacle.

Meet Marlene Foster, the driving force behind Empower The Vision. Her mission? To empower businesses like yours to achieve remarkable growth and heightened visibility, all while safeguarding against unforeseen challenges.

With 30 years of experience across 30 countries in international banking and wealth management, Bret specializes in creating inclusive cultures that drive elite performance in volatile and uncertain conditions.

Ambreen Nadeem is a psychologist and founder of Psychology Talks. She is an Amazon bestselling author and a keynote speaker.

Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, Co-Creator of The U.S. Navy Warrior Toughness program, and Executive Business Consultant who teaches how the same techniques used by the Navy

Aalia Lanius is an International Multiple-Award Winning Novelist, Filmmaker, Executive Producer and host of the award-nominated social good talk show, UNSUGARCOATED with Aalia.