Tej Brahmbahtt

Title: Investment Banker, Founder, & Start-Up Advisor
Company: Watchtower Capital
“We are all in sales! But the most successful ones don’t sell they serve”

Tej brings 20+ years of corporate banking and sales experience, helping companies to grow, scale, and exit. From his first job as an analyst on Wall Street to his current position as partner of the firm, Tej has mastered the dual role of Player-Coach. He passionately enjoys the art of dealmaking as an entrepreneur as much as he does teaching it as a consultant and keynote speaker.

As a result of this cumulative journey of 16,000+ hours of deal pitches and presentations, and $1.5 billion in closed/funded transactions, he created a proprietary system to help client facing professionals grow their practices. He is also an active investment banker, helping late-stage startups & seasoned companies to prepare for and successfully exit. Tej credits all his success to his self-taught negotiation skills from when he was child, having heard the word “no” all his life.

Company Website: watchtowercapitalny.com
Personal Website: tejbrahmbhatt.com

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