Shelley Simpson

Title: Business & Affiliate Development
Company: Partner with Juiceplus+ and Tower Garden™, ICON ~ Inner Compass ON™️
“Dream Big – Take Action – Expect Success”

Meet Shelley Simpson, a trailblazer who has made her mark as the Partner with Juiceplus+ and Tower Garden™, as well as the visionary behind ICON ~ Inner Compass ON™️. Her motto? “Dream Big – Take Action – Expect Success.”

Shelley’s journey is a mosaic of roles including law, education, politics, policy, and business. With a family of her own and four cherished grandchildren, she’s a testament to balance and embracing multiple facets of life.

Simpson’s unique approach to business is grounded in real-life experiences and proven strategies. She’s mastered the art of navigating life’s challenges, creating a thriving personal economy, and empowering others to achieve their desires. Her journey is a reflection of courage, action, and a commitment to guiding others on the path to success.

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