Rene Godefroy

Rene Godefroy’s journey started as a poor and diseased stricken boy in a tiny village in Haiti. He arrived in Miami, Florida with $5, two shirts, one pair of pants, and was unable to speak English. He worked menial jobs such as being a janitor at 163rd mall, washed cars on the streets, and dug holes as a carpenter’s helper.

Today, he’s one of North America’s most inspiring motivational speakers sharing stages with global leaders. He is the author of the award-winning book, Kick Your Excuses Goodbye.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls him a “motivational hit”. The Miami Times hails him as a “motivational guru.” But most people know him as an ordinary man with an extraordinary message that empowers others to destroy their self-limiting beliefs.

AT&T, Aflac, Coca-Cola, US Army, and Verizon Wireless are a few of the organizations that have been impacted by Rene’s message: No Condition is Permanent! The City of Smyrna, Georgia dedicated an entire day as “The Rene Godefroy Day.” The City of Fort-Lauderdale bestowed him with a Key to The City.

His stories have inspired millions worldwide, from C-Suite executives to those who have hit rock bottom and given up hope. As the founder of the National Influencers Association, Rene encourages us all to share our stories, gifts, and skills to elevate others.

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