Pamela Bolado

Title: CEO, Executive Director, Speaker, Advocate
Company: Mission Wonder Women Foundation & Women Who Do Wonders Media
“ Motivation is the Fuel, Discipline is the Fire. Succeed the Right Way ”

Pamela Bolado is an International Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author. She is Founder of Women Who Do Wonders Media where she spotlights the exceptional stories and businesses of global women. In late 2020, Pamela founded the nonprofit, Mission Wonder Women Foundation.
The foundation focuses on sex trafficking awareness, but most importantly, provides scholarships and opportunities to survivors. Pamela has developed two skincare product lines and currently working on the relaunch of her brand.
Her children’s book, ‘The Little Girl Who Discovered Her Smile’ is set to release in 2023.
Pamela is the co-author in the award-winning book, Sacred Spaces and has recently released a powerful chapter ‘Can A Butterfly Smile’, about her struggles growing up with a cleft lip in the International Award-Winning book, Discovering The Brave Within.
Born with a cleft lip, Pamela uses her experiences to support others on their journeys. She is proud to sit on the Cleft Community Advisory Committee at Smile Train.
Pamela is a world traveler and athletic enthusiast who has resided around the world including the Middle East for over a decade. Her most recent accomplishment include her trek to Mount Everest BC in October 2021. She is an Air Force Spouse and has been awarded the 2022 & 2023 Naval Air Station Pensacola Military Spouse of the Year.
Some of Pamela’s past achievements include 2019 Esty of the Year by Associated Skin Care Professionals. She has graced the cover of Skin Deep Magazine, was 2nd runner up for United States of Americas Mrs. Florida pageant 2021, and was the first female amateur boxer in East Canada.
Ultimately, I would like to inspire others to pay-it-forward in their communities and businesses.

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