Justine Pogroske

Title: CEO + Founder and CEO
Company: Million Dollar Branders
“Entrepreneurship shapes destiny, branding captivates hearts, and together they forge a legacy that resonates and transcends time.”

From Silk road to Silicon Valley Justine Pogroske is a maestro of marketing and branding on the global stage. With classic style and innovative imagineering, Justine is passionately driven to deliver timeless branding solutions anchored in result-driven formulas.

Her unique ability to optimize her client’s ROI is rooted in reliable methods and Key Performance Indicators to meet every target point. Her years of corporate experience and unwavering dedication to her craft has equipped her with essential skills to successfully navigate the corridors of the international marketplace.

Whether on Main Street or in the Metaverse, you can find Justine engaged in cutting-edge projects ranging from NFTs, Future Fashion-tech, Digital marketing via the Internet-of-things and augmented reality. After years of working with top global agencies, global change makers, leading entrepreneurs, celebrities, thought leaders and Fortune 500 companies, Justine has cultivated a passion for building legacy brands that impact and inspire for generations to come.

Company Website: milliondollarbranders.com
Personal site: justinepogroskeofficial.com

Visual identity

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