Jill Collins

Title: TV Host – Summit Life Connections
Company: Jill Collins Connections

Jill Collins is an inspirational speaker, aspiring author and life coach empowering personal reinvention through the power of connection. After facing the sudden loss of her husband of 14 years, Jill embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to rediscover her purpose – uplifting others by connecting them to the resources, experiences and communities they need to thrive.

Jill launched Jill Collins Connections, centered around her signature “P.I.P.E.R. Effect” framework for connection. Through her upcoming book “The Power of Connection: Reinventing Yourself After Loss” and her YouTube channel and community, Jill teaches practical tips for overcoming life’s transitions and living your “Summit Life.”

With contagious optimism and heart-centered wisdom, Jill provides relatable guidance on self-care, mindset, relationships and continued growth. She draws from her professional background and personal experiences to embolden her audience to manifest their dreams.

Jill believes we all have a message to share that can impact someone else’s life journey. By courageously connecting through storytelling, we realize we are never alone. Jill feels called to provide a platform for transformative sharing and discussion to inspire others to become the best version of themselves.

Company Website: www.jillcollins.com
Email: jill@jillcollins.com

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