Jaclyn Cordeiro

Title: Elite Trainer – Fitness and Lifestyle Influencer – Coach,Registered Nurse – Transformation Specialist – Entrepreneur Owner & CEO, JACFIT
Company: JACFIT and The 5AM Club
“Progress Not Perfection”
Speaking Topic: Power of a positive mindset, Developing the confidence to conquer any challenge, The plant-based athlete, Nourishing the body for optimal performance, Overcoming self-doubt, Ignoring the critics, Improving strength and endurance, Progress over perfection, The balancing act of motherhood and business, Bouncing back after giving birth, Becoming an entrepreneur, The 5am Club – How to set goals to achieve results, Body positivity, Inspiring the next generation of girls, Women supporting women.

Jac has long been recognized as one of the top elite trainers in the fitness industry. With her own journey of transformation as the driving force, Jac dives deep into her personal story of overcoming challenges to encourage others to do the same.
She is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Simultaneously, there is a larger global mission in mind: Change the narrative of how women see themselves and each other.

Company Website: www.jacfit.ca
Email: jac@jacfit.ca

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