Dr. Keith McNally

Company: Digital Vision LLC
“The Mission Walking the Path”
Speaking Topic: “The Power of Permission”

Dr. Keith McNally is the host of The Question Guy Podcast and Coach’s Corner. He builds relationships with people of impact across the world to learn what works, what does not work, and how to empower people in all stages of life. Dr. McNally is also an author. His book, Walking the Path – A Leader’s Journey, embraces the path many must take to break free of the mundane and into the world of adventure – the world embraced by leaders and risk takers. This book is both a personal journey and guidebook for those who are making positive changes in life!

Dr. McNally speaks on the topic of emerging leadership – the transformation of someone who WANTS to make an impact to someone who DOES make an impact. An impact on what? That depends of the person. An impact on what? That depends of the person. He trains leaders to make an impact in their community and in the world!

Company Website: www.drkeithmcnally.com

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