Amanda Cryer

Title: The Social Impact Influencer and Entrepreneur • I Help Organizations, Social Impact Entrepreneurs, Investors and Change Makers Maximize Their Impact and Positive Influence In The World 🌎 • Award Winning Filmmaker
“When we have courage and then the realization of our innate ability to make a difference, we become the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Amanda Cryer is a filmmaker, social impact entrepreneur, and influencer. She is committed to elevating voices through film and social media and is passionate about bringing awareness to social issues.

As a social impact consultant, Amanda has mentored, coached and worked with hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds including change makers in media, community activists, leaders at the United Nations, celebrities, scientists, philosophers, thought-leaders, TV and Film personalities, Nobel Peace Prize recipients, CEOs, individuals working in politics and policy, and founders of nonprofits and NGOs in how to develop and refine their social impact and influence, with lasting results.

As an award winning filmmaker, Amanda became increasingly alarmed by the polarization and unrest she was seeing all over the world. Her life is now fully dedicated to uniting humanity, creating an ecocentric world, and empowering others to do so as well.

As a social impact influencer, she works to transcend “us vs. them” conversations and messaging in social media and to highlight the importance of making a genuine, lasting difference rooted in universal values.

It is well-documented that when companies cultivate a culture of contribution, they not only fortify their brand but also attract more loyal customers, employees, and investors. Amanda supports organizations, companies, and individuals in designing these strategies – as real-world projects – that produce measurable and lasting results.

She wants you to be recognized for the good work you’re doing in the world and the lasting results you’re creating.

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