Aalia Lanius

Company: UNSUGARCOATED Media UNSUGARCOATED Media Leadership, Trauma & Resiliency and Entrepreneurship
“How do we inspire people to be the best versions of themselves? We show them it’s possible.” -Aalia Lanius, Founder UNSUGARCOATED Media
Speaking Topic: Leadership, Trauma, Resiliency

Aalia Lanius is an International Multiple-Award Winning Novelist, Filmmaker, Executive Producer and host of the award-nominated social good talk show, UNSUGARCOATED with Aalia. As President and founder of UNSUGARCOATED Media, a 501(c)(3) media production enterprise, Aalia’s role extends to leadership as a creative, and she is considered a thought-leader in approaches to media, believing that artists are pioneers of the human mind with great potential and responsibility to positively influence society through proper representation and accountability.

Company Website: www.unsugarcoatedmedia.com
Email: aalia.lanius@gmail.com
Panel/fireside: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Future of Business
keynote: Leadership, Trauma, Resiliency

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