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At the core of the Brave Inspires Brave’s community are entrepreneurs – individuals who dare to dream, disrupt, and make a difference. They understand that entrepreneurship is an embodiment of bravery in action, as it requires a leap of faith into the unknown, armed with determination and resilience. 

Our brave entrepreneurs are not just focused on their personal successes; they also recognize their responsibility to create a positive impact on society. They are changemakers who identify problems and offer innovative solutions, uplifting communities and driving progress.

For just $39.95 monthly or $450/year you will gain access to the elite membership for Brave Inspires Brave. This will include a bi monthly digital Brave Inspires Brave Magazine, 20% off all Brave merch, recordings from our 1:1 coaching and events, 20% off the new Brave Inspires Brave Universal journal and access to the Brave Inspires Brave digital assets and elite facebook community where you can connect with global brave, like minded, high level entrepreneurs who are changing the game, unlocking the codes to success and paving the way for our leaders of today and tomorrow.

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